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2011-12-20 08:50 pm


[1. Phone: Filtered to Egon & Ray.]

Did you two want to take a drive down the highway? Or were you both too busy pretending I don't exist?

[2. Phone: Open to all.]

Apocalypse part two, right? Part two of how many? Isn't anyone tired of this yet?

You know, where I come from, I've seen my share of the "End of Days". What I'm trying to say is... how do you know which one's it? The big it, the it to end all its. This could be it, or it couldn't. Who knows. ♪ ♫ So be good, for goodness sake. ♫ ♪

Come one! Where's your Christmas spirit?
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2011-12-02 10:59 pm


[1. Phone: Filtered to Egon & Ray.]

I hope you called in sick today. We're going for a ride somewhere. I'll pick you up.

[2. Phone: Filtered to Rick Grimes.]

I told you I was serious about that beer.

[3. Action: Around Mayfield]

[He's glad the drama is finally over. No more death. No more destruction. At least not for a little while. He's sure Mayfield will find some way to raise his blood pressure in the near future. But that day was not today.

Mayfield had a special delivery for him, and while it wasn't something that was necessarily his, it was something that he had a strong enough connection to and it was something from home. And that was enough.

So he drove it proudly down the streets of Mayfield. Not with the sirens on. Not yet. He would wait and give Ray or Egon the honors of sounding those for the first time.]
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2011-11-27 02:47 am


[1. Action- Around Mayfield.]

[Sometime after Ray's rescue, Peter is struggling through town with the other man slung over his shoulder, the two of them pretty speckled with blood from Ray's head. He's running on pure adrenaline at this point, and trying to find some place safe to leave Ray so that he can try to find medical supplies.  Hopefully, a basement somewhere will be open and unoccupied.]

[2. Action- Hospital Ruins/remains of other homes.]

[His mind is flashing back to old, psychology text books. The five stages of grief. Grief isn't a word he'd use to describe his feelings often, but there was enough going on in this town that had caused Peter to bottle up emotions time and time again, only to have them nearly explode at this moment. It wasn't even that Mayfield had done these things to him--- but that it had done them to his friends. His friends that he had promised himself he'd protect, no matter the circumstances. A promise he failed to keep when he didn't get to Ray in time to save him from mutilation. He could hear Ray's words (well, the words of a certain clone of his), in his head as he headed back out of the basement... calling him a screw-up.

Peter had skipped right past the denial stage and straight into anger. He was angry with himself, and with Mayfield in general. He was especially angry at the asshole that had done this to his friend, and had he had a little less self-control, he might have hit the guy with that pipe three of four more times, or until the man's face was no longer recognizable.

His fingers still gripping the pipe tightly, Peter headed for the hospital... or what was left of it. At ground zero, he could dig through the rubble to try to find any salvageable first aid items to patch Ray up a little better, maybe some pain-killers to take the edge off. If he doesn't have any luck there, he figured he could try his luck in a basement or two on his way back. Someone had to have been prepared in ways that he, himself, wasn't.]
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2011-11-03 05:14 pm


[Action- Greased Lightning Garage ]

[Pete's at work, impatient ever since receiving his proton pack. He can't wait to take it over to Ray's so that he, Ray, and Egon can start discussing business. He figures if he makes one hard sell today on a used car, he can cut loose a little early. Maybe you're a coworker who's noticed him looking at the clock one too many times, or maybe you're looking to buy a car today...]

[Action- Around Town ]

[After work, Venkman picks up his proton pack from home and is heading for Ray's when he begins to wonder if the thing even works. He flips it on, pulls the wand out from its holster, and aims for a nearby tree. A bright beam is shot out, scorching the side of the tree and peppering the thing with small flames.]

...It's still in one piece? I'm good.

[Action- Ray's House/1127 Taylor Road ]

[He's knocking on the door rapidly.]

Let me in, Ray... before I'm arrested for arson!
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2011-10-24 10:17 pm


[Action- 752 Partridge Drive ]

[It's Peter's birthday, and his creepy Drone-Wife has prepared him a cake. After coming home from work, she's placed a paper birthday hat on his head and invited him to the kitchen. He pauses momentarily to look at the hat in a nearby mirror and frowns at the red and blue balloons. He sighs heavily before following her into the kitchen to blow out the candles of the cake... which he will not eat in fear of it being poisoned. Maybe his Mayfield-assigned children are nearby to witness his embarrassment, or maybe they're more interested in the cake.]

[Action- Around Town ]

[Venkman leaves his house in a hurry, Egon promised to treat him to a meal at the diner and there is no way he's going to pass that up. Being in a rush, he completely forgot about the stupid party hat and is still wearing it. How embarrassing, someone should probably bring it to his attention.]

[Action- Neutron Diner ]

[By now, Peter has thankfully noticed he was still wearing the hat, crumbled it up, and shoved it in a trash can. He enters the Diner, waving for a hostess to seat him. Egon should be there any minute.]
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2011-10-16 08:54 pm

001 (Backdated to the 12th)

[Action- 752 Partridge Drive ]

[Pete's searching the house that's supposedly his. He had a bit of a scare earlier that morning before Ray came and found him and they sought out Egon. It wasn't that Peter wasn't used to weird things like this, but the whole make-believe family bit was a little uncalled for. It'd be one thing to wake up, hungover in bed with a woman, it was a completely different story when that woman was some kind of lifeless drone with a ring on her finger. Let's not even bring the kids into this, he didn't even know the first thing about raising kids.

Venkman moves to the kitchen, opening and closing the cabinets, rummaging through drawers, etc. He's looking for answers and not having a hell of a lot of luck. A few irritated noises can be heard before he gives up and slumps into a chair at the table.]

[Action - Olney's Tavern]

[After giving up on any clues, and finding nothing else to amuse himself with in his house, Venkman heads to the Tavern for a stiff drink to take the edge off. He finds the entire atmosphere cheesy but at this point, anything is better than playing house. He takes a seat at the bar, ordering himself a glass of brandy. Maybe he can find answers there... after all, according to Egon they weren't the only people trapped in the town.]
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2010-03-20 12:49 am
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How's my Driving?
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2010-01-01 06:11 pm
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CHARACTER NAME: Dr. Peter Venkman


Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: In anything other than an action post, sure! Any sort of action post please ask first and I'd be happy to work something out.
Fourthwalling: Sure! He's going to assume you've seen their commercials or news coverage, not that a movie existed.
Offensive subjects: Try your worst.


Hugging this character: Sure, but don't expect a hug back.
Kissing this character: Sure, but he'll only be receptive if you're female.
Flirting with this character: Go for it, he'll probably flirt back.
Fighting with this character: Sure
Injuring this character: Anything minor is probably fine but please discuss with me before doing anything drastic.
Killing this character: I'd like to discuss this with you first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure thing, but it's a good idea to ask me about it anyway so that you don't assume he's thinking something he's not.

Warnings: Uh. PG-13 I guess. Mild cursing and the fact that he's a bit of a womanizer, maybe.

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR WOULD LIKE ME TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY PLOT, PLEASE COMMENT! I am usually up for anything, all you have to do is ask.