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Name: Duke
Personal LJ: [ profile] dukevendetta
Contact Info: AIM & Plurk- dukevendetta
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: *After being accepted, Venkman was placed into 752 Partridge

Character Name: Peter Venkman
Character Series: Ghostbusters
Character Age: 35
Personality: Peter Venkman holds PhDs in psychology and parapsychology. While knowledgeable on the paranormal, he tends to rely on Egon or Ray when it comes to the more intellectual side of the job. However, Venkman is shown to have a greater degree of social ability than the other two, making him more street-smart, if anything. Venkman serves as the front man for the Ghostbusters for this reason, although he is often depicted as lazy or bored by the job. He often has a very languid approach to his profession, acting as if he doesn't take it seriously. This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't care for the job (He was the one to talk the others into doing it in the first place), but unless something is specifically beneficial to him, he doesn't get too excited about it.

Always quick and clever, Venkman catches onto more real-world things when the others do not, but falls short a bit when more achedemically-inclined problem solving must be involved. He comes off a bit hard-headed at times, and definitely greedy, being motivated by his own best interests. If Egon is the brains of the operation, and Ray is the heart; Peter is the mouth, possessing a "silver tongue," which one could argue makes him a very good but dangerous psychologist. He has a unique ability to manipulate others, shown especially well when he talks Ray into mortgaging his house in order to pay for the new business. He is quick to make decisions like this for others, not even giving them the chance to make an argument against him. While most of his actions are rash, they often lead to coincidental success.

Venkman is characterized by his very flippant persona and womanizing demeanor. Even while working at Columbia University, he did not conduct his experiments in a serious manner, and is seen flirting with the female students. Venkman was quick to help out Dana with her paranormal problem, taking her home to check out the apartment and goofing off more than doing actual investigating. Dana comments that Venkman doesn't seem like a scientist, but more like a game show host. His behavior is also described as "odd", which may turn others off at first.

His frequent joking and inability to take any situation seriously sometimes comes off as annoying, but beneath his bold exterior, he really does have a soft spot or two. He's extremely loyal to his friends, looking after them when he can (read; when women are not involved) and taking up for them when it's important. It's worthwhile to note that even though he comes off greedy or self-absorbed at times, he will always try to do what's right when it comes down to it. He's really not half the "bad guy" he makes himself out to be. He can get testy at times, but only after being thoroughly provoked, especially when his friends are involved.

Although Venkman is quick to flirt with women, he has an obvious fear of commitment. In the few years we don't see between the first and second movie, we learn that Peter and Dana did have a relationship, but he couldn't commit to marriage. When they reunite, Dana is a single parent, and Peter is obviously jealous that the child wasn't his... even mentioning it to the baby when his mother isn't around.

Jealousy doesn't look good on Venkman, because he often gets what he wants. He does whatever it takes to get what he desires, sometimes forcing situations when applicable. He pushes the others into the ghost hunting business, loud-mouths his way through the mayor's office, and tortures Ray into expelling his secrets about Dana, leading him to let himself into her new home and take charge of the situation.

Abilities: N/A (No "special" abilities or super powers)

Sample Entry: I previously played Venkman in [ profile] capeandcowl, here is a link of all of his tags:|%20n%2Fa

[X] Proton Pack
[] Ghost Trap
[] Ghostbuster Uniform


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