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Nov. 27th, 2011 02:47 am
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[1. Action- Around Mayfield.]

[Sometime after Ray's rescue, Peter is struggling through town with the other man slung over his shoulder, the two of them pretty speckled with blood from Ray's head. He's running on pure adrenaline at this point, and trying to find some place safe to leave Ray so that he can try to find medical supplies.  Hopefully, a basement somewhere will be open and unoccupied.]

[2. Action- Hospital Ruins/remains of other homes.]

[His mind is flashing back to old, psychology text books. The five stages of grief. Grief isn't a word he'd use to describe his feelings often, but there was enough going on in this town that had caused Peter to bottle up emotions time and time again, only to have them nearly explode at this moment. It wasn't even that Mayfield had done these things to him--- but that it had done them to his friends. His friends that he had promised himself he'd protect, no matter the circumstances. A promise he failed to keep when he didn't get to Ray in time to save him from mutilation. He could hear Ray's words (well, the words of a certain clone of his), in his head as he headed back out of the basement... calling him a screw-up.

Peter had skipped right past the denial stage and straight into anger. He was angry with himself, and with Mayfield in general. He was especially angry at the asshole that had done this to his friend, and had he had a little less self-control, he might have hit the guy with that pipe three of four more times, or until the man's face was no longer recognizable.

His fingers still gripping the pipe tightly, Peter headed for the hospital... or what was left of it. At ground zero, he could dig through the rubble to try to find any salvageable first aid items to patch Ray up a little better, maybe some pain-killers to take the edge off. If he doesn't have any luck there, he figured he could try his luck in a basement or two on his way back. Someone had to have been prepared in ways that he, himself, wasn't.]


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